Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2019 HSC Edition

Catch Up With Top Achievers
1 min readApr 4, 2021


By Adam Ma, Fionn Parker

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The key to successful Biological study by Alexandra Christopoulos

Business studies and General tips from First in the State by Tim Yang

Physics: Are there dreams too big? by Jesse Wright

Modern History by Zoe Zhang

Drama Becoming a Drama Queen by Drew Ireland-Shead

Success with Economics by John Bivell

Be a Top-Achiever in Geography and Chemistry by Eleanor Lawton-Wade

Legal studiesHow to put the Study in Legal Studies by Jenny Wang

Surviving and Conquering HSC General Mathematics by Lucinda Krek

How to Ace Music 1 by Varun Mahadevan

Major Keys to Music Success by Belinda Thomas

PDHPE and Earth and Environmental Science by Lucy Stevenson



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